“I have decided to run because I have heard from the parents who have concerns over Competency-Based Education in our schools. I have heard from the residents who are both for - and against - the Natural Gas Storage tank. It is not just about the behemoth of a project or the tax benefits it can bring to Epping, it’s about hearing the concerns of folks on both sides of the issues. And lastly, as one of your Selectmen I will work to bridge the divide between state and local officials on these matters.”

- Cody Belanger, Epping Selectmen, Candidate for Rockingham District 9 State Representative


About Cody

Cody Belanger, 25, was elected to the Board of Selectmen in Epping at 23. He has worked tirelessly for the people of Epping and works to make sure that those who live in Epping have a voice that is heard. Cody stands behind lowering and keeping taxes low at all costs. A political science major at UNH, Cody will also receive a minor in social work. Cody is engaged to his fiancé Emily. Cody and Emily met in December 2012, and plan on getting married in September of 2019. Cody and Emily live in Epping with Cody’s nephew Corey, and their two dogs, Cooper and Brady.

Cody Belanger is always on the move, I call him the energizer bunny, always moving and always motivated. Epping is lucky to have him!
— Jack Thomas, Hampstead-Kingston Republican Committee Vice Chairman

Cody on the issues

Income Tax

  • Cody will not vote for an income tax! Not now. Not ever.

Child Welfare

  • Caring deeply about child welfare, Cody will fight for the rights of children, and their families.

  • Sitting on the State Advisory Group for Juvenile Justice, Cody will fight for those in the juvenile system who can’t stand up and fight on their own.

Energy Cost

  • Work on keeping energy costs low. As a full time student and holding a full time job, Cody understands the need for lower energy rates.

2nd Amendment

  • Cody believes strongly in the 2nd Amendment. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Drinking Water

  • Clean drinking water. Epping faces a few issues pertaining to contaminated drinking water. Cody will work hard to make sure Epping’s voice is heard in Concord, and clean drinking water finds its way to Epping


  • Cody believes in an opportunity for anyone to have a better education. Cody believes in school choice. Having attended Farmington High School, and growing up with a abusive single mother, Cody knows first hand that a zip code shouldn’t restrict where a student gets their education.


  • Cody understands the importance of our Veterans. Cody has an Aunt, and Uncle both active duty military, with both of their spouses active duty military. Veterans are often forgotten, but not with Cody, he cares about New Hampshire’s veteran population. And across the country. “The small population that has sacrificed their lives, and souls for this country will not be forgotten.”